Nora Pace



Hello, my dear few friends who are reading this blog!

I’m Nora Pace, and I’m trying to do this thing called being a teacher-writer / writing teacher / teacher who writes / writer who marvels at learning. I spend my days with the best teenagers on the planet in Western Rhode Island, teaching Intro to Writing, semester courses on Poetry and Survival Stories, and AP Language and Composition (as one student said today, “NOT AP reading and boring“). Teaching fills me with joy and hope for a more just and peaceful future. It’s also tremendously difficult in the best way.

I started this blog in the summer of 2017 to force myself to put my writing out into the world. It was in that spring and summer that I started to seriously and consistently write poetry. As I have recently received my first (!) acceptance for publication, I’ll be sharing my writing news here. And it will still serve as a place to write about writing, review books I read, and muse on the world. This is not a teaching blog (although teaching may be mentioned) and all opinions are my own and not representative of my school or district.

The tagline for this site is “Sail Briskly to the Writing of Life,” which to me implies that the world keeps moving and throwing challenges at us, but we must nevertheless jump at the chance to perceive our world and own its waves by writing all we can. I hope you’ll join me.