If We Were Having Coffee….

If we were having coffee I’d say welcome to my tiny apartment! It may be small but it’s kept me cozy through this winter. I love having a place that’s all mine, and I’d like to think that the way I’ve decorated it makes it look very “Nora.” It’s a sweet little pad.

If we were having coffee mine would be black– no cream, no sugar, no nonsense.

If we were having coffee I’d inform you that I have another poem accepted to be published! That’s three poems, two journals. After about a year and a half of trying to get published, it’s finally happening! I am feeling the momentum now (which helps with the rejections that are still popping their heads in the door on random days of the week). I feel so satisfied that people are reading and liking my work.

If we were having coffee I’d probably gush about my students. They are amazingly resilient young people, navigating thorny personal growth and forging new relationships. They are learning so much about writing, about reading poetry, about how to conquer their fears of speaking in front of their peers.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you all about the wonderful time I had with my dad this weekend. He and I are kindred souls, and we have a great time. It was the first time he saw my new apartment and his first time to the Boston MFA (an impressive display!) and his and my first time to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (a treasure trove!). We also ate a variety of great food, visited a used bookstore, and went to see a great blue/rock band (Neil Vitullo and the Vipers — check them out if you’re in New England!)

If we were having coffee I’d admit that I’ve been a little anxious and scattered the past couple of days, but coffee and writing and talking to a friend does wonders to settle me and remind me why I keep pushing in the direction I’m going.

Enjoy your day and give me your updates! Happy March!

 ~ ☕️ ~