Nora Pace


Hi, I’m Nora

I write poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction.

I am an avid neighborhood walker, a constant fiction reader, a fan of soul music, an aficionado of cheese and fresh veggies, a great listener, and a lover of the ocean. I live in Providence, Rhode Island, which became my adopted home five years ago and still gifts me new places to explore.

Read more about me here.


Published Work


“No Tempest” and “Honey, baby” in borrowed solace, Spring 2019

“daphne into laurel” in Riggwelter Press, Issue 24 (August 2019)

“no sorrow no sweetness no sound” forthcoming in Kansas City Voices, fall 2019

“flower poem 1” forthcoming in Juniper, February 2020

Flash Fiction

The Lighthouse in the Lake” in Barren Magazine, Issue 9

Creative Nonfiction / Articles

The Aspiring Author Blog:
• March 28, 2019: “Practicing Poetry: Walking and Noticing
• April 25, 2019: “Contradictions
• May 30, 2019: “Poetry: To Whom Do You Write?”
• June 27, 2019: “A Bowl of Peanuts: What to Write About
• August 29, 2019: “Associative Thinking in Poetry

My Small Press Writing Day
Nora Pace: July 30, 2019


Connect with me 

Find me on twitter: @MsPaceWrites

I am currently seeking freelance work. I can write about education, writing, book reviews, “adulting” as a millennial, home projects, cooking, music, theatre, history, or any other topic you need me to research. I also offer editing and proofreading services. If you have any writing needs that I may be able to fill, please contact me here.






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